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Introducing Solar Solutions for Homes

Empower your household with our comprehensive Solar Power Solutions for Homes. Say goodbye to soaring electricity bills and the inconvenience of load shedding. Our kit builder is designed with your needs in mind, allowing you to customize your solution based on your current energy consumption.

Solar Power Kits: Redefining Energy Independence

Our Solar Power Kits are engineered to significantly reduce your reliance on the grid. Designed for scalability, they can be effortlessly expanded to accommodate future growth. If complete energy independence is your goal, you’re in the right place.

Embrace a Trifecta of Power Sources:

  1. Solar Energy: Harness the sun’s power to generate clean, renewable electricity.

  2. Battery Backup: Store excess energy for later use, ensuring you have a reliable power source even during outages.

  3. Grid Fall Back: Seamlessly transition to the grid when additional power is needed, providing uninterrupted energy supply.

Load Shedding Solutions: Illuminating the Dark

Prepare for load shedding with our cutting-edge Inverter & Battery system. This powerhouse stores energy from the grid, ensuring your lights stay on even when Eskom cuts the power. What’s more, this system can evolve into a long-term investment by adding solar panels at a later stage.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Lithium-ion: Benefit from the latest in battery technology for efficient and reliable energy storage.

  • Scalable Options: Customize your solution to suit your specific energy needs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

  • Automatic Switchover: Experience seamless transitions between power sources, providing uninterrupted electricity supply.

Explore Rental and Ownership Options

We understand that every homeowner’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer flexible solutions:

  • Solar Panel Rental: Access the benefits of solar energy without the upfront costs. Simply rent the panels and start saving on your electricity bills.

  • Rent to Own: Take control of your energy future with our Rent to Own program. Gradually own the system while enjoying immediate savings.

  • Home Solar Systems: Experience the freedom of generating your own electricity with a tailored home solar system.

  • Solar Batteries: Store excess energy for later use, ensuring you have a reliable backup during outages.

Commercial Solar Solutions: Powering Your Business

Explore our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for businesses seeking cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions. Our expert teams facilitate seamless installations, from virtual site inspections to equipment delivery. Trust in our contracted solar teams to deliver a neat and efficient installation.

Residential Installations

Grid-tied Installation

Will enable you to keep your connection to the grid to buy power at night or when it is cloudy. Your solar inverter will work harmoniously with grid power to intelligently use all solar power first and before drawing any power from the grid.

Off-grid systems

These are a standalone power source including solar and batteries to provide a 24 hour power solution and not requiring any grid connection. These are more common in new construction projects in rural parts of South Africa. In these scenarios, it can be economically and environmentally a better choice to put in a Solar and Battery standalone power system to support the new home. It will have a large upfront cost but power will be free from there-on through its lifetime.

Hybrid solar systems

These are grid-connected system that include a solar battery to store solar energy and reuse at times when there is no solar power (i.e. night-time). Solar Batteries provide an excellent back-up power source and an ability to make greater use of your solar power

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Commercial Installations

Schools, factories, petrol stations, and other commercial buildings with high levels of energy demand can maximize their energy independence and reduce grid power demand with solar PV and battery storage. Even businesses without solar PV systems can benefit from the ability of batteries to reduce peak power demand and shift grid consumption to off-peak hours.

AlphaESS provides a one-stop solution for commercial and industrial facilities seeking to save on electricity bills, reduce exposure to rising energy prices, generate additional revenues from renewable energy, and reduce their environmental impacts.

Industrial Installations

Off-grid/Micro-grid Solution

Microgrids and Off-Grid Solutions offer a pathway to complete energy independence, regardless of grid access or preference for disconnection. By integrating solar photovoltaic (PV) installations with battery systems, these solutions can provide a reliable source of electricity, even during periods of prolonged bad weather. Additionally, communities with diverse energy resources can collaborate through microgrids, forming interconnected “virtual power plants” ideal for areas without grid access or those seeking disconnection.

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Solar Inspection

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